17 de nov. 2019

Koichiro Kashima

L'art del japonès Koichiro Kashima:
pura delicadesa en el moviment dels pinzells i com alguns dels seus més recents personatges, la Teia i el Camaleó, juguen a prendre el te en els llocs més extraordinaris del món, en una història que trobareu publicada per A buen paso.

4 de nov. 2019

MATILDA at 30!

>Matilda at 30, reimagined as chief librarian of the British Library by Quentin Blake. Illustration: Penguin Random House
It is 30 years exactly since Matilda, Roald Dahls novel about a brave little girl who loves books and hates bullies, was first published. To celebrate this anniversary, eight new illustrations of Matilda by Dahl’s longtime illustrator Quentin Blake are revealed for the first time.
Blake was only asked by Matilda’s current publishers, Puffin, to create one sketch, showing what she would be up to as a 30-year-old. Instead, the 85-year-old decided to create eight, three of which appear on the covers of the 30th anniversary editions. “I have had a lot of fun imagining what that little girl might be doing now she’s all grown up,” Blake writes in a new foreword. “Since, as a small child, Matilda was gifted in several different ways, it wasn’t very difficult.”
Tot l'enllaç: The Guardian.

To celebrate her birthday, we asked six children’s authors to imagine what Matilda would be doing at 30 – and asked how her childhood would have influenced her character and behaviour as an adult.