30 de des. 2013

Un barret solitari*

by Seungyoun Kim
graphic studio, 2009
Animation, 2012.
Director : Kim, Young-jun (Earth Design Works)
Animation : Kim, Young-jun / Kim, Ji-su
Original : Kim, Seung-youn (textcontext)
Music : Ko, Jin-young / Park, Hyun-woo

Should every child play with their friends? Should they have at least one favorite toy?
If not, is the girl or a boy a strange one?

"Shall I take a walk in the forest today?
There would be nobody in the deep forest.

I really want to be alone."
The girl dreamed of a beautiful dream
that she really wants to remember.
Unnamed birds, which she had seen only in her picture books,
came to her and sang a lullaby for her and the baby fox.
She was no longer cold in the dream.


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