23 de des. 2009

La poma vermella

La poma vermella
Feridun Oral
Juventud, 2009

Un conill té gana i decideix sortir a buscar alguna cosa per menjar...
És hivern i a fora fa fred, molt de fred.
Però de sobte veu una poma vermella dalt d´un arbre, no hi arriba. Demana ajuda a l´ós, a la guineu...
Podran entre tots aconseguir agafar-la?

És un conte que, tot i el paisatge nevat i de fred, transmet una molt clara calidesa, afectivitat, on l´ajuda dels altres és necessària i ben compartida.

The red apple

There is a rabbit who is starving and he decides to go outside to look for something to eat. It´s so cold out there... He walked and walked until he found a red apple up on a tree... But he can´t reach to the top of the tree and asks for help to several animals from the forest.
Will  they be able to get the apple and eat it?

In spite of this cold landscape ans snow, it gives to me such a warm feeling!
One more time, this kind of stories reminds me the significance of helping each other and sharing little things and , keep up the good thing of friendship.

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  1. It seems beautiful ! Thank you !
    And Merry Christmas !

  2. Quines il.lustracions tan maques! Gràcies pel comentari Stel.la i Bon Nadal!!

  3. nice story and sooooo well illustrated!!!
    Happy holidays :o)

  4. Qué encanto este libro!
    Disfruto enormemente con tus recomendaciones.
    Que tengas unas muy Felices Fiestas

  5. Felices Fiestas!

    Te mando un gran abrazo! y gracias por tener tan buena onda...

  6. The story is lovely and your work is wonderful. A perfect combination. Merry Christmas!!!

  7. These illustrations are beautiful!
    I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2010.

  8. This books looks beautiful and with a great message! Thank you for your visit;) See you soon, happy 2010!